BLOOD DK Guide for Patch 8.1.5 (Mythic+ and WoW Raids)

2019-05-15 352 17 28,920 YouTube

The Blood DK Guide for patch 8.1.5 is live! Mythic+ and WoW Raids all covered as we cycle through stats, gear, traits, rotation, the bfa blood dk talents and more good info to get you started. BFA blood dk is super viable and although the spotlight is on warrior right now, blood mythic+ can get you doing really high keys with ease. Although this isn't just a bfa blood dk mythic plus guide, as we talk about raiding too but it is a starter guide for the spec, your pick it up bfa blood dk guide :) Stick to MarcelianOnline for all of your bfa wow class guides :) #blooddk #mythicplus #wowraids 🏆Become a founding father for MarcelianOnline 📦Shopping on Amazon? Get the cool stuff we have! ✔Follow us on Twitch ✔Like us on Facebook ✔Follow us on Twitter