Sangheili Mother's Day-Halo Mega Bloks

2016-05-08 2,170 97 196,466 YouTube

Viko is just another typical Elite Minor in the Covenant fighting against the "Demons", but one day on an effort to replace casualties he finds a very odd new orphan friend named Bird. Join in the adventure as two unlikely protagonists learn the meaning of gratitude . For the Spanish Dub - Click here- Behind the Scenes: This film took about 6,743 frames in the course of 3 weeks. The screenplay and script was my original concept. The epic music came from the Halo franchise, specifically "Halo Reach"... The soundtrack fit perfectly the emotion I wanted to convey in my film. My Mother really enjoyed one of my previous film "Sangheili 911" and couldn't stop talking about it, Sangheilies this Sangheilies that. Mother's day was coming around the corner. I live far away from my Mom and my family due to being in the military so I decided to dedicate at least something even if it is small and insignificant as this film to show my gratitude for all her hard work raising 2 boys by herself. All the voices were done by me even in the Spanish version. Originally this film was named "Momma Sangheili",but had to change due to not being able to be favorable in the search bar. The main protagonist are from Mega Bloks and have excellent articulation for the scale of the figures. The editing program I used was Video Pad and did on average 12 Frames per second give or take. Bio: -Viko- He is a typical run-of-the-mill Elite Minor and actually is one of the lower ranking Sangheili in the Covenant. Sangheili aren't raised by their biological parents and never know who they are to prevent favoritism and royalty to influence their rank. They are raised by a "Maternal Uncle" that is in charged of raising all the children of the clan. Viko never met his mother, but she heartbroken, knowing she would never see her baby left him her gold medallion on the side of Viko's incubation capsule when he was an egg. Viko never showed any signs to his fellow peers, but he always had a deep desire to meet his parents... just at least once... to return the gold medallion... which had given him hope and fortitude through out his childhood... just to say... Thank you. -Bird- It is colony made out of Lekgolo worms. This specific colony has a hive mind making all the separate individual worms think as one appearing as if it is one entity. For some peculiar reason Bird has strange habit of calling MOMMA to any Elite wearing Crimson armor.