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Episode 419 Scott Adams: How to Spot a Hoax, Distinguish Good News From Bad and See the Future

2019-02-17 415 51 15,802 YouTube

Do US authorities know which Mexican officials are owned by cartels? How hard would it be to find them? Do we already know? Can we confiscate corrupt Mexican officials bank accounts? Larry Elder’s observation about Jussie story Jussie Smollet story outcome is GOOD news Most famous example of racial hate…didn’t happen America is in better shape than we thought Jussie reporting is a DOUBLE HOAX , he never said MAGA hats Oops…he did interview and it’s right there…MAGA hats Changing your opinion is easy when your ego isn't in the way How to identify a hoax - Whiteboard Anonymous source “Hard to believe” story Other people can’t see it An ordinary explanation fits the facts Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect Physicist noticed news always wrong about physics Realized he should question accuracy of ALL news Rule: The news is wrong about 85% of the time Applying current hoaxes to the above filter for hoaxes A look at how recent possible hoaxes fit the filter, or not My public statement that Charlottesville was a hoax, with reasons Media IGNORES my claim, won’t report my claim Media wants to perpetuate the hoax?  Why not report story? Fun Whack-A-Mole debunking experiment you can try at home FORGETING a sentence written on a piece of paper This is a repeatable experiment, simple sentence on paper Intelligence does NOT immunize anyone from cognitive dissonance Knowing it’s always POSSIBLE you’re wrong, helps You aren’t as invested in always being correct Highly intelligent people might have more cognitive dissonance Your ego is a perception, you can reprogram it Everything is an impression, a perception which can be changed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I fund my Periscopes and podcasts via audience micro-donations on Patreon. I prefer this method over accepting advertisements or working for a "boss" somewhere because it keeps my voice independent. No one owns me, and that is rare. I'm trying in my own way to make the world a better place, and your contributions help me stay inspired to do that. See all of my Periscope videos here… Find my WhenHub Interface app here…