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Taco Bell® NEW! Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito Review!

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Hi YouTubians...Today I review Taco Bell® NEW! Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito! Share-Like-Subscribe & Thumbs-Up! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Taco Bell® Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito REVIEW! If you like this review...Subscribe to JOEY'S WORLD TOUR: Joey's Twitter: Joey's T-Shirts! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Taco Bell® Website: Taco Bell® Facebook: Taco Bell® Twitter: Taco Bell® Instagram: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito has jalapeño peppers in its cheesy core which looks to be made up of nacho cheese sauce! The Crunchy Cheesy Core Burrtio has nacho cheese sauce and crunchy red tortilla strips! The chain has already launched the similar Quesaritos, which consist of a burrito inside a quesadilla. Now, Taco Bell is launching cheesy “Core” burritos” which have a quesadilla rolled up inside a burrito. There are two versions of this item being tested: one is the Spicy Core Burrito, consisting of a layer of meat (either ground beef, chicken or steak), rice, and hot sauce in the outside, with a core of nacho cheese, shredded cheese and jalapeños. The other new Taco Bell offering is the Crunchy Core burrito, the same layer of meat, along with rice, hot sauce, and a core of nacho cheese, shredded cheese, and red tortilla strips. You can get either of these Core burritos for $1.99. LICENSE AGREEMENT Music by Kevin MacLeod "Modern Jazz Samba" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Modern Jazz Samba by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0. Direct Link: ISRC: USUAN1100153 © 2004 Kevin MacLeod I have a Creative Commons License with Kevin MacLeod and have the rights to use the music in this video. Creative Commons License for Kevin MacLeod, Link... © 2016 Joeys World Tour Food Reviews. All rights reserved. All Images & Music are trademarked to their respective owners.