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Life Behind Bars for GBT Inmates at the K6G

2014-12-18 3,405 405 611,598 YouTube

Watch and read more here about Life Behind Bars for GBT Inmates at the K6G: At the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, a separate wing exists for gay, bisexual, and transgender inmates. Since its creation, the unit has gained a reputation as one of the safer, community-oriented units. The unit, known as the K6G, is home to approximately 360 GBT inmates. It was established in 1985 after the ACLU filed a lawsuit urging for the protection and prevention of assault against LGBT inmates. In this segment of "SoCal Connected," reporter Val Zavala tours the K6G unit and interviews GBT inmates charged with nonviolent felonies for a closer look at what happens behind bars. Watch all SoCal Connected videos here: SoCal Connected articles, videos, and more: Like Socal Connected on Facebook: Follow Socal Connected on Twitter: Follow SoCal Connected on Instagram: Follow SoCal Connected on Vine: Follow SoCal Connected on Google+: Follow SoCal Connected on tumblr: