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"Not Without My Daughter" Meet the real Betty Mahmoody, played by Sally Field. Harrowing story!

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This is an account of her experiences in 1984–86, when she left Alpena, Michigan to go to Iran with her husband and daughter for what she was promised would be a short visit. Once there, she and her daughter were held against their will. It was made into a 1991 film starring Sally Field as Betty. Betty and her daughter became trapped in a nation that was largely hostile to Americans, a family hostile to her, and an abusive husband. According to the book, her husband separated her from her daughter for weeks on end. He also assaulted her and threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. She eventually escaped with her daughter. The book details her 500 mile escape to Turkey through the snowy Iranian mountains and the help she received from many Iranians. Upon returning to America in 1986, Betty filed for divorce in the USA.