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5 Outrageous Con Men

2018-06-01 8,168 99 367,127 YouTube

New articles every weekday at ! Never look a grift horse in the mouth. * none of our con artists are actually horses, unfortunately ----------------------------------------------------------------- Reference Material 5 People Who Took Con Artistry To Crazy New Heights --- (YT) The Great Reality TV Swindle (Variety) Inside Move: Doc chronicles U.K. contestant con (The Guardian) The forgotten story of ... Carlos Kaiser, football's greatest conman (Smithsonian) The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice. Historical Currency Converter (test version 1.0) (YT: xenmordoc) Ultima Online - 020 - Mage - Buying Boat 8x8ing ----------------------------------------------------------------- Patreon: Discord (patron reward): MR Articles: Outtakes & BTS: Subreddit: Merch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Music used in this episode: "Where You Do Belong" by Cullah "4:21pm" by Ian Ewing "-xpkt" by invention_ "The Whut" by Bluntone "taipei rosebuds" by mommy & snowglobe Most of the music from the show: ----------------------------------------------------------------- This episode was made with the help of: Brian Brushwood - host -- Jason Murphy - host -- Brandt Hughes - camera operator / editor / additional research -- Bryce Castillo - camera operator / live audio engineer -- Luis Prada - article writer --