Fish Spinach Mashed | 10 KG Spotted Snakehead & 40 KG Spinach Cooking | Healthy & Tasty Village Food

2017-12-06 3,818 607 902,252 YouTube

Spotted Snakehead & Spinach Mashed is the most village food item in Bangladesh. Most Bangladeshi village peoples love to eat Mashed with rice. And if it is Spinach ( Palong Shak) & Spotted snakehead (Taki Mach ) then this is the best item for launch or dinner. Here we used 40 KG Spinach & 10 KG Spotted snakehead fish to cook the mashed to feed village peoples & children. We cook food & serve our villagers as charity work of AroundMeBD channel. And all food arrangement & funding by AroundMeBD channel. If you want to be part of this program & join with us then like share & subscriber.