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Dry Fish Curry Cooking - GIANT DRIED SEA FISH Prepared By Village Women & Feed All Kids & Villagers

2018-03-12 2,580 346 525,376 YouTube

Giant size dried sea fish cooking in my village first time. My village peoples never eat this big size dried fish before. This is actually sea Zig-zag eel fish dried. This fish called in Bengali "Baim Fish" We bought this big size dry fish from Kuakata Sea Beach Dry Fish Market. We ask the fish shop owner what was the weight before dry tis big fish and he replied it was about 20 KG fish and after dry it is about 5-6 KG weight. We bought it 600 BDT( About 8 USD) Per KG price. All the village women children and villagers were really surprised to see this giant fish. About 15+ women cut the fish into small small pieces then they clean the fish using boiled water and then cooked the fish using potato and all kind spice mashala. This full & special food for villagers arranged & finding by AroundMeBD channel as their charity work to village peoples & children of village. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching.