Crazy Disneyland Brawl *MUST WATCH*

2019-07-12 349 8 7,708 YouTube

Discussing the infamous Disneyland fight that has gone viral - the Toon Town brawl, the Toon Town Throwdown, Disney's Brawl To End Them All, Mickey's Family Fight Night, whatever you want to call it. This is a review of what happened and an analysis on my part. This is my take on the Disney fight that has spread across the Internet. WARNING: video contains footage that may be unsuitable for children, including physical altercations and unsavory language. Music by and Marc Jungerman. This is the now infamous Disneyland fight. The Toon Town brawl. The Disneyland showdown. Whatever you want to call it. It was absolutely nothing short of pathetic. Serious, who fights in Disneyland Toon Town? Couldn't save it for home? SEO Stuff, pleas ignore: toontown brawl, toontown fight, geeks and gamers, clownfish tv, disneyland fight reaction, brawl in toontown, brawl in toon town #toontownbrawl #brawlintoontown #toontownfight