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Halo Wars 2: SCARAB RUSH - Super Troll Build - Unlimited Power

2017-04-22 418 34 29,801 YouTube

It's time to Scarab Rush in Halo Wars 2, if you can survive long enough to build the Scarab you've pretty much won the game at this point. Check out the unlimited power of this incredible unit and the comedy that follows. Thanks for watching and if you enjoyed be sure to leave a like! Want to win a copy of Halo Wars 2? CLICK HERE BUILD ORDER: power extractor x2 harvesters x3 (upgrade harvesters) get harvester x1 upgrade base to level 2 get power extractors x2 (upgrade 1 of them) upgrade base to level 3 destroy un-upgraded power extractor buy war council @ 2,000/2,000 build scarab Anti Rush Build Order Tutorial Halo Wars 2 Tips For Multiplayer | Top 6 Tips You Must Know Halo Wars 2 Beginner Build Order Tutorial - JackRabbit Rush Guide Connect with me here: Twitter: Facebook: Stream: