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Why People Still Fall for the Nigerian Email Scam

2017-03-17 30,414 1,537 1,711,335 YouTube

Brian stumbled onto the perfect get-rich-quick scheme! Then some men in suits showed up, and this informative episode is serving as Brian's community service. Hmm, maybe Jason was onto something... Extended Outtakes for this episode: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Information The original Something Awful forum thread for the P-P-P-Powerbook: Article from The Guardian on Janella Spears, the 419 victim: Every Day Is an Atheist Holiday by Penn Jillette: 419 Fraud Statistics, 2013: 419_Advance_Fee_Fraud_Statistics_2013-July-10-2014-NOT-FINAL-1.pdf The Secretly Smart Reason Scam Emails Are Poorly Written ----------------------------------------------------------------- Patreon: Discord (patron reward): MR Articles: Outtakes & BTS: Subreddit: Merch: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Music used in this episode: "Attila" by Mono:Massive "Crossing Paths" by Brock Berrigan "stryman" by baaskaT "Trinidad" by Ian Ewing ----------------------------------------------------------------- This episode was made with the help of: Brian Brushwood - host -- Jason Murphy - host / research -- Brandt Hughes - camera operator / editor -- Bryce Castillo - camera operator / live audio engineer --