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[Chef & My Fridge] 이연복 셰프 '순백' 유린기에 초토화! 정창욱 "기권!" 냉장고를 부탁해 22회

2015-04-13 242 8 163,223 YouTube

‘Chef & My Fridge’ introduces simple-and-easy-to-follow recipes for quick meals which can be made with everyday ingredients in our fridge. The best Korean chefs and celebrities who love cooking will turn you into a chef who would make the most out of what’s in your fridge. The actual fridge from celebrity’s home will be brought to the studio and chefs will be cooking and competing with the ingredients in the fridge. This program provides a wide range of information such as quick recipes and other food related tips while allowing you to peek into celebrities’ fridges as well as their private lives. 09:40 pm every monday night at JTBC More Recipe : facebook : twitter :