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Afghan Bruce Lee Abbas Alizada - Martial Arts Workout

2017-07-03 3,901 353 740,566 YouTube

This is the Martial Arts Practice Workout of Afghan Bruce Lee "Abbas Alizada". Afghan Bruce Lee "Abbas Alizada" is from Kabul, Afghanistan. He look a like bruce lee. he is doing training of wushu, kungfu, jeet kune do etc. Amidst the chaos of growing up in war-torn Afghanistan, Abbas Alizada, a member of the persecuted Hazara minority, has risen above adversity to become an inspiration for his community in a form resembling martial arts legend Bruce Lee. for upcoming videos of Afghan Bruce Lee & more impressive videos of talented people, please Subscribe our channel. Abbas Alizada Official Website: For More details about abbas alizada and more stories or videos about awesomepeople visit our website Subscribe Our Channel for more videos. Notice: This video is copyrighted. please don't upload the contents of this video in your channel due to copyright.