Halo : Hostile Infiltration [FULL] (A Halo Megabloks Stopmotion Movie)

2017-03-14 2,644 183 335,121 YouTube

IMPORTANT! This is my first attempt at a project of this scale, and as such I treated it as more of a practice for animation as opposed to actual good story. Please keep this in mind as you watch through this four part series, thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------- The U.N.S.C have training facilities all over the galaxy. One of these is on the outskirts of a planetary embassy. This facility has had many successful graduates, and the new squadron has just started their year at the base. It is split into teams, which are team Red, Orange, Blue, and Green, and consist of four members. Green has only three, but a mysterious new cadet has just arrived. The team realizes that this newcomer is something special, but will it be enough to repel a brewing darkness? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No copyright intended, of course. Animated by Me. Halo is owned by Bungie and 343 Industries. Megabloks is owned by Megabloks.