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기타리스트 정선호 미션임파서블 mission impossible / 홍대버스킹

2018-03-12 126,321 7,293 11,321,858 YouTube

#정선호 #홍대버스킹 #SunhoJung #미션임파서블 #missionimpossible Hi, this is Hedy who published this video. A few days ago, I got an email from Youtube about copyright issue. So you can see the information about the song below. I checked this out and I noticed somthing wrong with this. this is the music of whom claimed a copyright In this video, this part(3:45-4:26) is exactly same as music of my video(0:20-1:00) I'm 100% sure that sound is from my video. Because it contains exactly the same noise and chimes as mine. They extracted and used without my permission. At first, I raised an objection because I thought it was a system error of YouTube. Above all, I think the flow of the song is very unnatural. سلوى العلوي(Content ID account) stated that music was produced in 2009, but given that the posting date is July 29 2019, I think it is highly likely that it plagiarized enough. I didn't know if they would plagiarize the live performance video. And I don’t have any idea of this issue. Any advice would mean the world to me. Thx I feel really sorry for this matter, and I hope this problem is corrected as soon as possible.