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How's maintenance on a Porsche 911? - 997 REVIEW (Routine Maintenance / Reliability)

2016-01-24 544 19 82,797 YouTube

How's the routine maintenance on a 911? Actually, very reasonable if you're a DIY type of person. Check out the basic maintenance costs/difficulty below. More Episodes: ► 5 Must Have Tools for Porsche owners: ► Car review: ► 997.2 Driving Impressions: ► Porsche Buyer's Guide - Routine Maintenance: ►Annually or 10k miles - Oil Change (DIY: -$25 for filter and new oil plug -Oil Filter: -Drain Plug: -$60 for 10 quarts of Mobile 1 0w40 synthetic oil: -Difficulty: easy, 20 minutes, no lifting the car or getting underneath required. ►Every 2 years or 20k miles. In addition to oil change: -Air filters ($50, takes 20 minutes to replace): ►Brake fluid flush (DIY: --$20 for brake fluid: --$100 for power bleeder kit: --Difficulty: Medium (takes 1-2 hours depending on method and tools) Every 4 years or 40k miles -Replace drive belt ($20 for belt, takes about 1.5 hrs to replace. Medium difficulty) -Spark plugs ($50 for new set, 3 hours to replace. Medium/hard difficulty) ► Other common wear items: Tires - Expensive! Expect to spend $1000 t0 $1300 on tires every 15-20k miles (depending on driving style). Brakes - Haven't had to change them yet, but a set of rotors and pads will run ~$1k Clutch - Expect to pay $1,500 - $2000 to get this done. Overall, the car is very easy and reasonable to maintain if you can do some of the routine worm yourself. The car is extremely reliable compared to even regular cars. However, wear and tear parts cost more than regular cars. And if you go to the dealer, you will get gouged!