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Why Fortnite Was Terrible For 273 Hours

2018-11-09 29,978 1,302 1,912,426 YouTube

In this video, we will be going over why Fortnite was terrible for 273 hours during the Holloween event for 2018. Please note that I am only trying to help Epic by giving my feedback here. Fortnitemares was a great concept that I believe was implemented poorly. Subscribe today!! - Fortnite Support a Creator Tag - "luke-thenotable" Follow me on Twitter!! - T-SHIRTS HERE! (Use Code "LUKE") - Thumbnail Art - Maeder (Commissions OPEN) Editor - Tors SETUP AND GEAR CPU - Ryzen 1800x- GPU - GTX 1080 Windforce - Capture Card – Elgato 4k60 Pro - Headset – Turtle Beach Elite Pro - Microphone – Blue Yeti -