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Afrobeats & Hip Hop Club DJ London | DJ Chillz | TZer

2014-03-01 4 0 229 YouTube

DJ Chillz A Journey Into Afrobeats & Hip Hop Club Scene Influential Female DJ DJ Chillz burst on to the London Hiphop music scene in 2014. Dropping in a mix of Hip Hop songs and mashing them up with a 2014 club sound of an established Club DJ pro. Teasing the audience with a smooth groove and then dropping in beat driven tunes that have the room jumping. Now one of the most wanted London DJs if you want to know where to go in London to hear Afrobeats then check out Explore her sounds on SoundCloud & live mash ups from the groundbreaking female UK DJ online Shoreditch radio (Fridays 8-10pm)