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The Flood's TERRIFYING PLAN in Halo Infinite!

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Halo Infinite theory time! The Flood's Gravemind's conversation with Cortana in Halo 2 may change everything in Halo Infinite, the Logic Plague, Earth invasion, Gravemind planning, and MORE! Get a FREE Audio book at: The Flood’s only true motive is to devour, and consume all life in the galaxy -- and it’s very likely the Flood has a plan in place for Halo Infinite’s story, one that will be as destructive as the Human Covenant war, a Galaxy-wide infection. Today we’re going to recap exactly what the Gravemind said to Cortana during her time on High Charity, and how it connects to the Flood’s plan to take over everything in Halo Infinite. In Halo 2 Cortana would be left amongst High Charity, and Master Chief left on the Dreadnought as the Flood would consume the entire Covenant mother ship. This event would occur on November 3rd 2552, and he would return on December 11th 2552, a little more than a month. During this time the Gravemind would commence the seed of madness inside Cortana, as he would torture her and poison her mind with toxic ideas, this process being called the Logic Plague, the Flood’s form of infecting the uninfectable, Artificial Intelligence. We would learn about the exact details about what was said in Halo Evolutions story “Human Weakness” Right after Halo 2’s ending, following “All Right, shoot” Cortana and the Gravemind would enter an extensive dialogue, where it was revealed Cortana had interfaced with it, in which basically Cortana would share her physical existence with the Flood. Thanks to the Banished, the Flood has escaped the ark, and ALMOST successfully created a new Gravemind. All it really has to do is either take the portal back to Earth, if it becomes active again, because as we know it shut down when Cortana took over. Or the Flood could infect the entire Ark, and find ships to take over and spread out that way. However the Flood will have to deal with the sentinels that will be containing the Flood. In addition, since the Flood do exist in the interiors and containment facilities on Zeta Halo, then it could also escape there, as it once did in 2558 when Sangheili forces had to fight it back. My theory is, Cortana will “accidentally” help the Flood, and open the vaults on Zeta Halo or elsewhere. Hypnotically, if she IS infected by the Logic Plague, then she may be unconsciously helping the Flood already. I also do think we will be visiting the Ark in Halo Infinite, even for a short mission or two, simply because this place is the center stage for pretty much everything Halo related. Both the Flood and the Ark are biblical references, and I think they go together well at this Installation. Cortana already had feelings about Dr. Halsey's unethical strategies, and the sad fact John was forced into a warrior life, and her strong fear of death. The thigns I just listed are important, because it implies her motives, and emotional grounding, even though she’s gone crazy. She wants to protect John, she hates her mother, and she wants power and immortality. Again, I don’t think the Flood anticipated this far ahead, but it all plays a part in helping the Flood. First, let’s assume Cortana IS infected by the Logic Plague, and the Cortana that we knew is gone. Well, Dr. Halsey may very well be the only person that can figure out how to destroy Cortana at this point, as well as the other AI. But as Cortana made clear in Halo 5, she’s a big target for the Created. If Cortana successfully serves justice to her mother, then Cortana really doesn’t have much to fear. Also, Cortana wanting to redeem Chief, and subduing the Galaxy's best warrior will surely benefit the Flood as it runs rampant across hundreds of planets. Cortana’s motives also extends to bringing forceful peace, which includes disabling thousands of ships, transportation, defense grids, electrical grids, and communication. This will really give the Flood the headstart it needs to infect everything. Cortana is probably arrogant enough at this point as well to try to fight the Flood off by herself, and is very unlikely going to allow everyone else to help. Though as far as the Index goes, I think that could be a vital thing, since both Cortana’s logic Plague, and unclaimed Index were both mentioned in Halo’s Lootcrates. Subscribe to VALVE News and CS:GO Content! - Twitter - Facebook - Twitch - Source(s) Disclaimer: Halo © Microsoft Corporation. This video was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.