You? | Ossan's Love -in the sky- | Haruta / Naruse (春田/成瀬)

2019-11-24 259 0 18,262 YouTube

Warning: Spoilers for Ossan's Love -in the sky- (Season 2)! Fandom: Ossan's Love - in the sky - ♥ Ship: Haruta / Naruse ♫ Song: You? - Two Feet Episodes: 1, 4 and preview of 5 I have all these feels and I just need to let it go cause the preview for episode 5 is going to haunt me this week! AH! You can find more of my shenanigans about this show on my tumblr! ♥ ♫ PS - I'm posting all my Japanese song-related vids of Ossan's Love -in the sky- here, since Youtube will take them down: Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended!