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A week in my life: University Edition

2019-10-13 102,837 942 1,861,026 YouTube

THE JOANA CEDDIA BOX NOW AVAILABLE: JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: Hey Jamie, pull up that picture of a megalodon. Yeah click scroll down...the one on the bottom right...yeah…look at that sucker. Can you imagine being eaten by that? *pulls mic in* That's nuts. That thing would absolutely shred you up. There were studies about how *cough* just before death your body pumps out tons of DMT into your blood and...Jamie pull that up. Just before you experience your death, your body tries to....yeah look at that. *Looks intently at screen* That's a trip. Instagram: Twitter: Cameo: If you want to translate the video: Current sub count: 2,993,011 With love, Jackson Collock