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14 Cooking Secrets Only Used by Restaurant Chefs

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14 of the most useful culinary tricks that will save your time and boost your culinary skills. Do you want to know how to cook a perfect piece of bacon, prevent a sliced cake from getting stale, and make sure that knife won't slip while you’re using it? TIMESTAMPS Frying perfect hamburger patties 0:42 Cutting a nice piece of cake 1:10 Making a lemon juice spray 1:38 Determining portion sizes with your hand 1:57 Preventing the knife from slipping 3:06 Figuring out how sour a lemon is 3:26 Frying a sausage 3:50 Checking if an egg is fresh 4:09 Keeping a sliced cake fresh 4:44 Calculating the time needed to boil a perfect egg 5:08 Storing leafy greens 5:53 Cooking the perfect bacon 6:08 Reheating pizza 6:34 Cutting steak correctly 7:09 Bonus 7:35 SUMMARY - If you want your burger to fry fast and evenly, form a “dimple” in the center of the patty before throwing it on the pan. It’ll disappear by the time the burgers are ready since they even out while they cook. - You always get that mini panic attack as you watch the beauty of your dessert being ruined by your own hand. To avoid this catastrophe, put the knife under hot running water, hold it there for some time, and then cut your cake. - Stick a small spritzer into a lemon, and it’ll work just like any other kitchen or bathroom spray-pump. If it feels like the liquid inside has run out, squeeze the lemon, and you’ll get more juice out of it. - To weigh fish or meat, put it on the palm of your hand. If it fits just within the palm, it weighs about 3 ½ ounces. If you really need to determine the correct portion of chips or crackers you have, again, pour them out onto your palms. Two handfuls of these crunchy delights will equal about 1 oz. - The kitchen can be an area of heightened danger, especially when you’re dealing with sharp objects like knives. You should always keep knife handles clean and grease-free. - There’s one simple trick here: the thinner the peel, the sourer the lemon. Armed with this knowledge, you can go to the grocery store and confidently choose the best option for your citrus fruit needs. - If you fry sausages in a pan, you might face the problem of uneven cooking. To deal with this issue and to fry them uniformly both inside and out, make small cuts along the sausages, and use low heat to cook them. - Crack an egg onto a white plate and pay attention to the egg white and the yolk. If they’re a bit too much on the runny side, this egg isn't as fresh as it should be. - Attach slices of toast to the cut edges of the cake using toothpicks. This way, your lovely pastry will be safely protected until you get the urge to cut into it again. - How to boil an egg: 2 minutes if you like the yolk thin and runny with the white on the runny side too; 4 minutes if you prefer a completely cooked white with thick runny yolk; 6 minutes if you want an egg with a completely cooked white and mostly cooked yolk; 8 minutes if your favorite egg is one with a fully cooked white and a soft yolk 10 minutes if you like both the yolk and the white cooked completely to their max - It’s better to store leafy greens wrapped up in foil as it holds the right amount of moisture inside. This way your delicious healthy greens will stay fresh much longer - The secret to cooking the perfect bacon is simple: bake your bacon! You need to preheat your oven to 400°F, and place the bacon on a piece of foil. Bake it for 12 minutes (make it 15-20 if the bacon is thick). - To reheat pizza properly, spray it with some water before heating it up in the oven. - Cut your steak against the grain. This way it won't tear apart, and you'll get perfect slices. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: