Biggest HOT WHEELS Super Ultimate Garage playset Unboxing Fun With Ckn Toys

2018-08-03 54,078 23,359 37,414,457 YouTube

Today we are playing with the biggest Hot Wheels set ever The Super Ultimate Garage. We have done a unboxing of the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage which was the biggest set that time ,but this one is even bigger. The Super Ultimate Garage is the BIGGEST Hot Wheels playset EVER. Over three feet tall, with storage for 140+ cars, this garage provides endless storytelling opportunities! A motorized elevator transports 23 cars at a time, while a menacing gorilla climbs the tower threatening cars as they ride the lift! A side-by-side-racetrack spirals from the penthouse to the ground floor with an EPIC knockout finish. A massive jet plane holds two Hot Wheels cars as it soars above the city and lands on the top floor. With a drive-up diner, lock-away police station, interactive tune up shop and car wash, there is an entire city to explore! This would have to be the biggest and best Hot Wheel Playset we have ever play with. Thanks for watching guys if you love toys please don't forget to subscribe to Ckn Toys.