Advanced Blood Death Knight Tanking Guide | WoW BFA

2019-02-14 317 10 19,790 YouTube

Now we're ready to take Blood Death Knight tanking to the next level! Build upon the foundation we laid out in the Beginner's Guide, as we add layers with a new talent build, talk about setting a good pace in a dungeon, and how to flow between offense and defense as a Blood Death Knight. Timestamps 1:52 New Talent Build 11:03 Rotation Tweaks With New Build 13:16 Setting the Pace 27:21 Balancing Offense vs Defense 33:41 Closing Comments Talent Build: Other Videos Beginner's Blood Death Knight Tanking Guide: Looking to jump right into questing and leveling on a Blood Death Knight? Check out my Specialization Introduction Guide: If you're trying to decide what class to play, want to compare specializations, or didn't feel like your class trial scenario really taught you how to play your class, you can check out my other Specialization Introduction Guides here: