Surprise Me!


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96% OF HUMANS CAN'T DO THIS! we test your eyes using a fidget spinner to see if your color blind! some people are and its crazy that you might be too! if you love fidget spinners comment #fidgetspinner! also check out this video "92% CANT SPOT THE DIFFERENCE (IMPOSSIBLE FIDGET SPINNER CHALLENGE) " xtremegamez is for kids, friendly people, to learn more about family :) we give a great toys review! some other great fidget spinner videos & more! $1000 FLOATING FIDGET SPINNER (SUPER RARE MOD) BEST METAL FIDGET SPINNERS (SUPER RARE!) BECOMING A FIDGET SPINNER.. (Extreme) SPENDING $1,000 ON FIDGET SPINNERS?! SCAMMED WITH FIDGET SPINNERS... FIDGET SPINNER Toys in the Waste Disposer, Accidents Will Happen THE MISSING FIDGET SPINNERS ARRIVED?!?!?