Track Time! Side By Side Counterclockwise! 16M Track Time by Race Grooves, Hot Wheels Track Builder

2018-12-14 3,398 372 746,793 YouTube

Some items used in this presentation can be found on my Amazon page. (Affiliate link) Track System: Various parts from the Hot Wheels Track Builder System. RaceGrooves Track Builder Playlist Track Time Case Unboxing Shout-Outs Playlist (O__O) ... (O__O) ... (O__O) ... (O__O) Part of the Race Grooves family of channels! Race Grooves, Track Time, mr.grooves, Marble Grooves, Off The Pegs, Still Plays With Toys Race Grooves Track Time videos test various models on different track layouts. It may be Hot Wheels boosters, loops and curves. It might be a gravity drop layout. It might be downhill racing. It might be a track layout with kicker launchers. From these reviews, we learn which cars work bettor on different Hot Wheels track system parts. From time to time, I give tips on which cars perform better. You'll find occasional explanations as to why I think a car is not successful. I may also give tips on how to improve your Hot Wheels Track System layouts. Of course, you might see me teaching how to "pinch and flare" as well as show what events cause track sections to start separating.