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Zoe and Kat: The Movie | BBC EastEnders

2018-10-17 109 3 10,413 YouTube

Hi I'm Ethan Ritchie, let me give you an insight into why I decided to make this film and the idea behind it. I was just casually watching clips on-line that other You-tubers had uploaded and I was watching one particular clip which is included in the film that was the man in the moon clip, and then I found when I started to think about it I came up with the idea of creating a story which I hope you all like. The story is about Zoe finding out who her real dad is, who her real mum is and all the stuff that poor Kat has had to deal with over the years. It is also about kat expressing her feelings about the state of her life and how that she has had enough with the way things are as she talks about having no job no man and that she says she is a ''Piece of Trash''. So this film means alot to me as I can kind of relate to all that as I really am struggling with life and have been for a long time I've got no job and can't seem to get one as no one will give me a chance, I have anxiety and no one to share my life with. It's hard for me to broadcast how I feel but I'm not ashamed why should I be this is the life I have been given and I try my best every single day. I hope you all get something from what I have created it was alot of hard work getting the clips, saucing music, rendering and putting it all together on a slow cheap laptop but you can only use what you got, a person can only be as good as their tools. A note to the BBC: Please don't take this down I'm making absolutely nothing from this I just had an idea and being a creative person I acted on it, I wanted to create something emotional and different this is the only way I can do it as I'm not doing this professionally in the business so I can only do so much. Finally this film is about knowing what's important in life and what's important in life is people and love because if you haven't got those things you haven't got anything..... nothing at all. Sadly this is a one off due to my financial position and the fact that it was filmed and written in a certain way which gave me the opportunity to create something special and unique. BBC or any other T.V company please feel free to contact me if you would be interested in me working for you to produce more unique high quality content. Thank you for reading. Video tape footage from many on-line sauces but owned by BBC Worldwide. Music Produced By: Simon May & Patrick Doyle. 17/10/2018. #BBCEastEnders #KatandAlfie #katandZoe