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Is Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken The Best In The World?

2018-03-03 21,241 1,464 1,003,323 YouTube

It's trouble in paradise as the fried chicken guys run into relationship trouble while eating some delicious popcorn chicken Special thanks to Chris Reinacher @chrisreinacher Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( Licensed via Audio Network STILLS Chicken Ratsanai/Getty Images Key card mkToy/Getty Images Key cholwanich/Getty Images Chicken Wings Rebelz/Getty Images Broken heart mattjeacock/Getty Images Cartoon Sounds Jameslee/Getty Images Full Frame Shot of Scratched Red Wall Dan Thornberg/Getty Images Anises yesfoto/Getty Images Hen CSA Images/Getty Images Chicken cartoon character mascot VladSt/Getty Images Cute little clouds zuki/Getty Images red blood blots on white colors gmm2000/Getty Images Chicken time fast food vector illustration UVAconcept/Getty Images Funny Cartoon faces with emotions Multigon/Getty Images Farm Animals in Silhouette stevegraham/Getty Images Taipei City skyline black and white silhouette booblgum/Getty Images Man Chopping Onions Silhouette Jake olimb/Getty Images City People Set edge69/Getty Images Banner design elements on Street food fest masha_tace/Getty Images Large group of People Silhouettes Waiting edge69/Getty Images Cock emblem DimaChe/Getty Images VIDEO Popcorn fall khanoglu/Getty Images Iris Scan Fentino/Getty Images Open the door topnatthapon/Getty Images Shield Room cholwanich/Getty Images Open it carpinxo/Getty Images Popcorn box falling in super slow motion Wavebreak Media Ltd./Getty Images Fresh Popcorn Falling Out a Box GMVozd/Getty Images Futuristic Tunnel DreamStation/Getty Images Man opening security door with access card JoePhuriphat/Getty Images Business People hacker guy113/Getty Images Secret Files David Gould/Getty Images Access Granted KatapultMedia/Getty Images Cupid pointing bow and arrow Post Holes/Getty Images cupid making faces Post Holes/Getty Images 4K abstract powder smoke and fog background 101cats/Getty Images Blue fog teekid/Getty Images Dust and debris, slow motion lixuyao/Getty Images Woman blowing flour from hand Wavebreak/Getty Images Woman blowing flour from hands Wavebreak/Getty Images Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand giddyuptimelapse/Getty Images Snow Green Screen Loop 2 Freezelight/Getty Images Chicken mascot DimaChe/Getty Images Scroll opening animation geopaul/Getty Images Screaming cock luckpics/Getty Images Feather where it dances asterism-d/Getty Images Chicken with luma matte antorti/Getty Images Chicken Moving Animal Green Screen (Loopable) selamiozalp/Getty Images The curtain on the stage. The animation is looped natleek/Getty Images Credits: