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Cassie Ventura dishes on romance with Diddy

2016-03-10 1,479 145 467,446 YouTube

Singer and actress Cassie Ventura gets hot and heavy with TV host and actor Terrence J. in the new movie, 'The Perfect Match.' So how does the girlfriend of entertainment mogul Sead 'Diddy' Combs feel about the on-screen romance? "He actually really trusted the situation," said Ventura. The New London, Connecticut native has been dating Combs since 2011 and is admittedly very coy about her relationship with the mega-star. "I typically don’t talk about my private life, but I’ll let that one go," said Ventura during an interview with 'Good Day New York.' "Terrence was a bit nervous and I told Puff about it and he said have him give me a call. So we Facetimed and they had their man talk. He said make it believable. This is going to be a great movie for us. He is proud of us," said Ventura. 'The Perfect Match' opens March 11 in theaters nationwide.