Bride to be Surprise Engagement Performance

2017-06-13 58,887 3,969 9,364,970 YouTube Become a part of the family, by Subscribing above! Thank you guys for watching! This is just something for you to enjoy. Also I know the quality isn't amazing, since it was captured from a phone. My gorgeous cousin got engaged, and we all wanted to do a performance. Also...Her fiance didn't know she was going to surprise him. As you watch the video you can see when Komil gets up to dance with us her Fiance, Preet, gets up as well. Congratulations Komil and Preet. I love you guys so much, and I wish only but the best and happiness for you. Can't wait for the wedding of 2018! Shout out to these lovely ladies involved, Komul Bedi, Prija Yani, Kristel Fernandes, and Tina Singh