Surprise Me!


2018-08-24 20 1 294 YouTube

My peach baby's here! I really like her and I have decided to put her up for DL! Rules no redistribution no taking parts no r18 edits are completely ok! distributing needs permission, but feel free to show me! just follow TDA's rules you know the drill Base: TDA\Stylc edit by felkus Top: PaNdaChAnMMD Overalls: ThisisKENZ n GriZZlyLuv Shoes: LikeaBaka Hair: TDA, Illusion, and Lumanaera Glasses: Fabulous-Goitsu Head: NEPHNASHINE-P and TDA Earrings: GMR14 Eye Tex: RiverRB Hair Tex: TDA and Aliskysw Body+Face Tex: MMD Picsean Face Tex:NEPHNASHINE-P and TDA Motion by『Cookies-X-Cream』 Effects: ik Clut, Drop Shadow, Heart Rain, CHeap Lens, SSAO, Toon Shader Password: The theme of the model in all caps (fruit) Link to download: Theres no ReadMe file inside the thing so ughhhhh pls follow the rules here