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Jow Ga Beginner - Michael Hoops vs Unk Green Belt

2015-12-12 1 0 93 YouTube

Michael Hoops first martial arts tournament, fight #4 (continuous) In the DC lineage, we teaching fighting first, form second. I allowed a group of beginners to enter a tournament to gain experience. Michael, who is now an advanced student, was about 9 months in during this video. (I know he's going to want me to put that out there first lol) We teach basics, then sparring, all while students learn their basic foundation routine--the Stance Training Form. Once the students have developed their stance, footwork and striking--we teach the first form, Siu Fook Fu. This is the reverse of how Kung Fu is often taught, but it was important for our school to have a culture of fighting instilled in the student BEFORE learning form. This is his first fight in the Continuous Division. Because there were no beginners entered besides him, we allowed him to fight the Intermediates. I believe the tournament was March 2011. He is wearing the all Black uniform.