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40 Gourds, Pulses & Eggs Mashed / So Tasty Village Food / Charity Food For Villagers

2017-09-18 4,648 975 1,426,015 YouTube

40+ Gourds, 5 KG Pulses & 60+ eggs Mashed Curry ( Called in Bengali "Muri Ghonto-মুড়ি ঘন্ট") cooking / prepared by village women & children of charity work food cooking by AroundMeBD channel. Muri ghonto of Gourd Pulses & eggs are the most tasty & delicious village food. This cooking program full funding by AroundMeBD channel to feed village children & villagers. So if you like our videos & charity work and want to be part of this work then please like share our videos & subscribe to get regular video update. Thanks.