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Ruffle Flower Cake Tutorial- Rosie's Dessert Spot

2015-06-19 5,084 97 254,063 YouTube

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to create this gold and pink cake using cream cheese frosting and the fondant ruffle flowers to decorate on top. This cake is easier than it looks ! For the chocolate cake recipe, visit: CREAM CHEESE FROSTING RECIPE here I used more butter than cream cheese as I needed the frosting to be more sturdy in order for it to decorate the outside of the cake. If the frosting is too soft and doesn’t dry solid, it can be difficult to work with and difficult to handle afterwards. 500 grams of unsalted butter at room temperature 250 grams cream cheese 1200 grams of icing sugar 2 - 3 tablespoons of milk MATERIALS NEEDED fondant gum paste electric pink soft gel Americolour food colour bulbous cone tool bulbous tool floral sponge mat small rolling pin 4 sizes of scalloped edge circle cutters SIZES: 3 1/16 inches (78mm) 2 5/8 inches (68mm) 2 1/4 inches (58mm) 1 7/8 inches (48mm) for more dessert inspiration and for tutorlal sneak peeks, visit: Hope you guys enjoyed this one! It’s another neat-ish rustic cake. I hadn’t planned on including the cake decorating part as this was originally meant to just show you how to create the ruffle flower- but then I started recording the cake deco part and decided to include the cake as well. I’m glad I did, this cake turned out to look pretty sweet I think.. Hope you guys give it a go, and be inventive! for example, add different shades of pink in the cake at different spots maybe and see how that pans out…. It’s all in the fun of creating an edible masterpiece. thanks again for tuning in, and I will see you on Tuesday! xxx