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Willow Smith - Female Energy (Music Video)

2015-09-26 266,941 5,873 23,785,115 YouTube

This is a fan made video I had done a long time ago which is really a bunch of clips put together. It’s really not great at all so i usually try to avoid looking or thinking of this video (besides the comments) because of how cringy i myself find it so I’m sorry for that. Im NOT claiming this footage as my own creation. I had no intentions of this video blowing up and would like to apologize if i used any footage without permission. i honestly didn’t think and i know that’s not okay. If you’re one of those whose footage is yours pls lmk and I’ll credit or do whatever. Whatever is right . AGAIN, SORRY. vvvvvvvvv Tame impala visuals by - Thank you