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Crayola has continuously figured greatly when it comes to creativity, and that remains apparent in its recent innovations, which includes the Crayola Paint Maker. The Crayola Paint Maker is basically a tool kit that allows children of all ages to be as creative as they can be in coming up with their own paint colors. In short, this kit will have them mixing and blending colors to come up with new tints and hues. Now, it is possible to have customized colors, and don’t be surprised if kids manage to come up with new colors!
A single kit of Crayola Paint Maker is more than enough to come up with 15 paint pots. It also comes with a color chart, which kids can refer to when they want to come up with a certain color. Of course, using the color chart is not mandatory, especially if they prefer to create their own color. To mix the colors, paint strips and paint base are placed in the shaker, which is also included in the kit. And that is where the magic happens. Often, parents do not like their children working with paints because of the potential mess it can create. Fortunately, Crayola employed a new paint strip technology that effectively keeps mess at a minimum.
The paint colors that will be created using the Crayola Paint Maker is also washable, so that is another point in its favor. No fear about stains or unsightly messes. It is primarily recommended for children 8 years old and above, especially aspiring artists who want to learn early on how to mix and create their own colors. Crayola items have always been staples in children’s art supplies and creative sets, and the Crayola Paint Maker is definitely shaping up to be one of the most important and useful tools yet!

Crayola Paint Maker review

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