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The Perfect Match E17 PART 2

2018-11-03 0 Dailymotion

What do netizens know? Huo Tingen (Chris Wu) is a celebrated chef whose fine-dining restaurant is a destination for food lovers from all over #the world. When Tingen stumbles upon comments on #the Internet from people who can’t afford to eat at his high-priced restaurant, #they blow his mind. Netizens claim that #the culinary creations made by Wei Fenqing (Ivy Shao) at #the night market are just as satisfying as Tingen’s Michelin-worthy food. Determined to debunk such preposterous claims, Tingen goes to #the night market to find Fenqing and show her what true culinary talent really is. Whose cuisine will reign supreme? “The #Perfect #Match” is a 2017 Taiwanese drama series.
The #Perfect #Match #E17

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