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Fate/stay night UBW (2015) - Archer vs Lancer church fight [Rho Aias] 60fps FI - sub ESP & ENG

A YT GLITCH PRODUCES A GAE BOLG STILL IMAGE, SORRY ABOUT THAT* "[...]In which case, taking the blow head-on is the only way." This is the most epic ...

2016-03-26 7:58 4,428,917 YouTube

Fate/stay night UBW (2014) - Archer vs Lancer school fight 60fps FI - sub ESP & ENG

The first remarkable fighting scene from Unlimited Blade Works, animated by Ufotable, with top notch quality and post-production. Make sure to watch it at least ...

2015-05-31 10:15 1,608,959 YouTube

Fate/Stay Night UBW (TV): Last Stardust Scene (EP20) (UTW English Subs & Lyrics)

Gives me the chills every time. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (TV) Episode 20 BGM: Last Stardust by Aimer Fansubber: Unlimited Translation Works.

2015-06-14 4:9 1,092,326 YouTube

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works(TV) - Archer vs Lancer(English Dub)

Archer vs Lancer.

2015-09-05 6:14 293,917 YouTube

Emiya Shirou vs Archer HD Full Fight

Fate stay night emiya shirou vs archer full fight in illya's castle while saber's watching. Archer also activates the reality marble. Epic Fight Scene with Epic Music.

2017-03-20 21:6 783,646 YouTube

Fate/Stay Night UBW Movie OP


2017-12-01 01:32 376 Dailymotion

Fate stay Night Walkthrough part 34 of 65 HD PC UBW Route (HD 1080p)

Fate/stay night (フェイト/ステイナイト Feito/sutei naito?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Type-Moon, which was originally released as an adul...

2014-02-25 52:25 1,460 Dailymotion

【MAD】【中文翻唱】Fate/stay night UBW ED Voice〜辿りつく場所〜 祈Inory

出至:\r翻唱:祈Inory Fate/UBW[ED] Voice~辿りつく場所~中文填词版 原MAD:五木童子 原唱:彩智田井中\r\r被采用为sab...

2016-03-09 05:13 13 Dailymotion