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Brawl Sawnd replacement: character calls (1)

preview of the personal hacks i am working on... *not all what's shown will end up in the final product me and rina-chan are working on.

2011-07-29 1:40 1,951 YouTube

Top Gamer Replacement Character

Sorry for the mix up. I just realized that Elsa wasn't really a playable character and she wasn't tough or anything. She would have been gone first anywho.

2011-08-29 0:11 154 YouTube

Everybody Chromercise

Fingers tired and achy after a long day browsing online? Chromercise is the finger fitness program you've been drumming the table for. Learn more at ...

2011-03-31 1:58 440,115 YouTube

Buying My Own Toys From Target! **Guava Toys**

It's officially here! I have products out now at every single Target nationwide! Unfortunately, some of these are sold out, which is crazy! But at least, we managed ...

2018-07-11 7:17 1,265,366 YouTube


The follow-up to our multi-award winning film, The Maker is called 'The Magnum Opus'. Get it on Amazon, Google Play, or Apple iBooks: ...

2011-05-25 12:33 19,588,564 YouTube