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fool's paradise ²

Story of Homer from The Simpsons. fool's paradise: song: not - lonely Instagram: ...

2017-08-26 1:28 71,232 YouTube

@TheXexeel -- No Edit-- ² ♥

2010-09-19 0:49 569 YouTube

Back in action... ❤︎²

All new videos on the way! Follow @mathbff on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to be the first to know.

2018-03-14 0:30 117,278 YouTube

Vs. King Dedede --Sephi--²

Kirby Air ride das Spiel ist einfach nur Lol xD hab mir keine mühe gegebn.. sollte vllt mal en richtig heftigesvideo machen :P.

2010-09-04 0:53 25 YouTube

Negative One Squared?... Comparing -1² vs. (-1)²

It is all too common that high school math students forget to use parenthesis when raising a negative number to an even power. In this video, I creatively use ...

2017-11-30 4:47 985 YouTube