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X+Y Scene Clip - Nathan solves math problem

X+Y follows Nathan, an awkward, idiosyncratic teenager, grappling with the sudden death of the one person who understood him; his father. As he struggles to ...

2015-01-29 2:52 19,600,397 YouTube

Steve Aoki & Monsta X - Play It Cool (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

Steve Aoki & Monsta X - Play It Cool Steve Aoki & Monsta X - Play It Cool by Ultra Music The Latest & Greatest from Ultra Music ...

2019-03-27 3:20 13,760,498 YouTube

[포켓몬스터 XY 1-2기] 26화 나룸퍼프와 나루림!! 달콤한 싸움은 달콤하지 않다!?

PLAYY 채널에서 더 많은 애니메이션을 만나보실 수 있어요. 많은 구독 부탁 드려요! If you want to watch more animations, Please click the links below! ▽키즈 ...

2018-09-22 20:42 1,081,777 YouTube

[포켓몬스터XY MEGA] 01화 MEGA EVOLUTION -최강 메가진화- Act1

메가진화. 그것은 칼로스지방에 전해 내려오는 포켓몬의 새로운 진화 형태. 과연 메가진화란 모든 포켓몬에게 일어나는 것일까? 이 이야기는

2018-04-27 24:5 527,524 YouTube

Why was Ash So Cool in XY(&Z)?

Thoughts on why XY(&Z) Ash was cool. Well, not sure if I made any sense. And, no, I didn't spend the last few weeks on this. It was a spur of the moment idea.

2017-05-01 8:16 643,328 YouTube

포켓몬 더 무비 XY&Z 포켓몬 더 무비 XY&Z 「볼케니온 : 기계왕국의 비밀」 ポケモン・ザ・ムービーXY&Z [ボルケニオンと機巧 (からくり) のマギアナ

2016.12개봉 (95분) 더빙 : 마츠모토 리카, 오오타니 이쿠에, 마키구치 마유키 외 개요 : 모험, 판타지, 가족, 애니메이션 줄...

2016-11-24 01:33 79 Dailymotion

Pokémon: XY&Z Series - Special Episode XY&Z042 & XY&Z043 (Second Preview)

#XY&Z042: ¡Los avances del Megalito! ¡¡Una lucha para proteger Kalos!! ~ 15/09/2016. #XY&Z043: ¡Zygarde se defiende! ¡¡La batalla final por Kalos!! ~ 15/...

2016-09-11 00:44 5 Dailymotion