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2019-10-01 3:0:15 284,141 YouTube

How to Draw Manga Female Body in ¾ & Side View

In this week's video I show how I draw a female body in 3/4 and side view. =) Buy my manga on Amazon!: Store: ...

2017-09-16 8:36 43,590 YouTube

Protégé by Córdoba C100M ¾ Demo - "Romance Anonimo" by Juanito Pascual

The Protégé by Cordoba C100M is available as 3/4 or full size nylon string guitar with a spruce top, mahogany back and sides and satin finish. This guitar is ...

2016-11-16 1:26 13,039 YouTube

How to Draw a Manga Girl Face in ¾ View

In this video I show how to draw a manga girl face In 3/4 view. Eye tutorial: Hair Tutorial: Store: ...

2016-12-24 6:32 51,318 YouTube

How to Draw a Manga Boy Face in ¾ View

Hello everyone! Sorry for taking so long to upload a video. I was having some technical issues. ^///^ I hope you enjoy this tutorial. :D.

2014-06-26 6:12 4,489 YouTube