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SHOWREEL 2016 - Cinedrone Productions

Director of Photography: Orfeas Kalafatis booking @

2017-02-05 3:56 1,036 YouTube


We wanted to showcase the variated use of drones in high-end productions from the past couple of years in one clip; Cinedrones are awesome. We have always ...

2015-07-06 3:25 2,675 YouTube

Ask CineDrones: All About the Inspire 1

We answer your questions about the DJI Inspire 1. Have a question you want answered? Send us your questions using #AskCineDrones.

2015-02-12 8:22 14,337 YouTube

Drones For Filmmakers With CineDrones @ Cine Gear Expo 2016

Cine Gear Expo 2016 is an annual event for professionals engaged in the technology, entertainment and media industry. The show lasts four days in Los ...

2016-06-10 5:5 171 YouTube

CineDrones: Drones for Cinematography Master Class

DATE: 10/28/2017 TIME: 10:00 AM–3:30:00 PM LOCATION: Georgia Film Academy This master-class workshop is for those new to aerial filmmaking who want ...

2017-10-26 0:39 62 YouTube


With years of experience from all over the world are our fully customized Cindrones highly effective high-end production tools in everything from feature films ...

2014-01-30 03:15 8,630 Dailymotion

CineDRONE: Firestorm Freerunning CRAZY HeliCam Parkour GOPRO3

CineDRONE: Firestorm Freerunning CRAZY HeliCam Parkour GOPRO3...

2015-08-14 01:52 16 Dailymotion

Nouveau drone : le CINEDRONES révolutionne le cinéma et le sport en matière de shooting!

Nouveau drone : le CINEDRONES révolutionne le cinéma et le sport en matière de shooting!...

2014-02-02 03:15 172 Dailymotion


CineDrones est une entreprise américaine qui fabrique et vend des drones quadrirotor et octocopter afin de prendre des vues aériennes saisissantes. Une camér...

2014-01-30 03:15 51,894 Dailymotion

CINEDRONES ARE AWESOME - Epic video you could shoot with it...

The epic videos you could shoot if you only had a Cinedrone. Get a taste for what your missing with Antimedia's compilation of some of the best clips shot with ...

2014-02-02 03:15 142 Dailymotion