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Discipleship In Kung Fu

From Master to Coach: Discipleship in Kung Fu

HONG KONG –– Chinese martial art has seen a move away from tradition in recent years, according to kung fu master Li Tin-loi. Mr. Li is a fifth generation ...

2015-12-03 6:5 4,118 YouTube

歐洲少林寺 · Discipleship (Live and Train in the Monastery)

Discipleship means, that you are living and training in the Shaolin Temple Europe under monastic conditions and regulations. During your stay, you will study ...

2018-02-14 4:14 69,158 YouTube

The Master-Disciple photo : Kung Fu Culture S01E08

Whats behind the Master-Disciple Photo in Chinese Martial Arts O que há por detrás da foto Mestre-Discípulo nas Artes Marciais Chineas?

2015-05-15 6:25 336 YouTube

Disciple ceremony in Foshan

It was an honour to be accepted into Grandmaster Cheung's Traditional Wing Chun family. This once in a lifetime opportunity was shared with my kung fu family, ...

2017-05-11 1:10 128 YouTube

Disciple: Technique & Spiritual Components #1 of 2 (Freddie's Modern Kung Fu)

2 videos. This Martial Art, The Tao of Freddies Modern Kung Fu will have 3 components of development that will be gauged. 1. Physical Fitness 2. Combat ...

2010-04-26 9:59 267 YouTube

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nuns, kung fu, Nepal's Kung Fu Nuns, kung fu nuns, earthquake, nepal earthquake, earthquake in nepal...

2016-05-10 00:56 12 Dailymotion

[Kung fu] The most powerful kung fu in universe | More China

He is the Chinese real Kung fu master , who living in the temple , study Taoism。He have visit the other Kung fu master in different place to learn the differe...

2019-05-14 03:29 4 Dailymotion

Kung Fu Warrior _ Hollywood Action Kung Fu Full Movie in Hindi

* 2015 CİNEMA CLİCK * movies 2015 full movies| Cartoon network | Cartoons for children comedy HD | animate...

2014-11-25 53:45 5,711 Dailymotion

Kung Fu Tutorials: How To Make A Silhouette Design In Gimp 2013 By Kung Fu

Make $300 A Month Doing Surveys To Buy Trading Cards OR Anything (Vindale): Paypal Donation Link (Donate If Lik...

2015-12-08 12:16 12 Dailymotion