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Hung Gar Lam Chun Fai

Lam Chun Fai - sets

Grandmaster Lam Chun Fai Source: Posted without permission from the source.

2007-08-26 1:58 16,484 YouTube

Hung Kuen master demonstrates his craft

Hung Kuen is a Chinese martial arts style made famous by kung fu legend Wong Fei-hung. In this video, Oscar Lam Chuen-ho, 28, son of Hung Kuen master ...

2013-05-20 2:13 34,784 YouTube

Grande Mestre Lam Chun Fai Kung Fu Hung Gar

Familia Lam Cho.

2014-10-18 2:25 2,359 YouTube

Grand Master Lam Chun Fai | Practical Hung Kyun

Performance of parts of various Hung Ga Kyun sets, 2008, Prague. Please subscribe to our channel: CZ ...

2018-02-08 1:20 4,413 YouTube

Hung Gar Kung Fu vs. Wing Chun

Aquí verás un excelente combate entre dos exponentes de Kung Fu, uno de ellos experto en Hung Gar y el otro en Wing Chun....

2015-11-28 02:52 2,296 Dailymotion

The world of hung kuen Documentary eng.subs. (part 1)

PART 2 \r\rTranslation by Virktor Nordgren\rsubtitles by Frank Bolte\r\rI tried to make it as readable as possible..the main problem is that cantonese is way fa...

2017-10-19 11:09 1 Dailymotion

But de Lam-hung (4-6) - Accenture Vs Les Gars Lactiques - 30/06/17 18:30 - Antibes Soccer Park

Solution technique fournie par Easy Live. Plus d'informations sur

2017-06-30 00:25 7 Dailymotion

Hung Gar - Wing Lam - Shaolin Iron Palm


2011-10-17 35:15 1,673 Dailymotion

Lam Family Hung gar - Sabre vs. Spear - Hung Kuen

Lam Family Hung gar - Sabre vs. Spear - Hung Kuen...

2015-06-09 00:35 13 Dailymotion