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Lau Family Hung Kuen �� Students Worldwide �� Mark Houghton �� 麥師

永不忘記劉家良 三週年【特務傘 】Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

永不忘記劉家良三週年【特務傘】Ultra HD 4K Mark Houghton 何麥師傅劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂於每

2016-06-25 0:44 1,443 YouTube

Mark Ho MMA

2015-03-21 2:43 594 YouTube

永不忘記劉家良 三週年 Part three Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

永不忘記劉家良三週年Part three 劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂於每年的6月25日。來自大陸、新加坡

2016-06-25 3:42 6,592 YouTube

【重温】永不忘記劉家良 三週年 【 Tom Caserto 】

【重温】永不忘記劉家良三週年【 Tom Caserto 】 @ Mark Houghton 何麥師傅劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂

2016-06-26 2:43 398 YouTube

永不忘記劉家良 三週年 Part Four Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

永不忘記劉家良三週年Part Four 劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂於每年的6月25日。來自大陸、新加坡、

2016-06-26 7:47 979 YouTube

WING CHUN 詠春 with Sifu Leo Au Yeung(IP MAN Choreographer/Lau Family Disciple)

Join Martial Club once again as we train with Sifu Leo Au Yeung, Master of Wing Chun and Hung Gar, Ip Man technical advisor and Disciple of Lau Family Hung Kuen...

2018-02-28 08:45 5 Dailymotion

Project A Trailer

Fighting against pirates in "old Hong Kong". Chinese costume drama with plenty of over-the-top tongue in cheek action and music. Jackie Chan,Sammo Kam-Bo Hung,B...

2015-08-14 03:57 15 Dailymotion

古惑仔3之隻手遮天【2/2】(超高清收藏版)HD1280粤语中字 Young and Dangerous 3 1996 HD Action Movie(鄭伊健、陳小春、黎姿)香港經典黑社會電影

【古惑仔3之只手遮天】粵語中字高清版(陳浩南、山雞、細細粒、阿細、漏口妹)Part 1: 2:

2018-10-23 49:56 125 Dailymotion

Human Mobile Stage 4 - Lion Dance

Human Mobile Stage Part.4 – New Martial Hero Magazine invited Mr. Chan Man Cheung and Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Art Sports Association performed Lion Dancing ...

2007-04-20 03:50 626 Dailymotion