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Lau Family Hung Kuen Students Worldwide Mark Houghton 麥師

Hung Gar three treasures 洪拳三寶

little part of these forms: Fu Hok Seong Ying 虎鶴雙形, Tit Sin Kuen 鐵線拳, Gung Gee Fook Fu 工字伏虎#洪拳三寶Mui Fa Gim 梅花劍, Wu Dip Do 蝴蝶刀.

2017-11-19 1:11 574 YouTube

永不忘記劉家良三週年【 Charlene Houghton 何慈茵 】

永不忘記劉家良三週年【 Charlene Houghton 何慈茵】 Mark Houghton 何麥師傅劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂

2016-06-26 3:15 1,922 YouTube

永不忘記劉家良 三週年【特務傘 】Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

永不忘記劉家良三週年【特務傘】Ultra HD 4K Mark Houghton 何麥師傅劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂於每

2016-06-25 0:44 1,387 YouTube

永不忘記劉家良 三週年 Part Four Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

永不忘記劉家良三週年Part Four 劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂於每年的6月25日。來自大陸、新加坡、

2016-06-26 7:47 951 YouTube

永不忘記劉家良 三週年 Part three Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

永不忘記劉家良三週年Part three 劉師父的忌日,西洋徒弟不明白農曆的運作,唯有以陽暦計算,將紀念日訂於每年的6月25日。來自大陸、新加坡

2016-06-25 3:42 6,435 YouTube

WING CHUN 詠春 with Sifu Leo Au Yeung(IP MAN Choreographer/Lau Family Disciple)

Join Martial Club once again as we train with Sifu Leo Au Yeung, Master of Wing Chun and Hung Gar, Ip Man technical advisor and Disciple of Lau Family Hung Kuen...

2018-01-20 08:45 4 Dailymotion

Project A Trailer

Fighting against pirates in "old Hong Kong". Chinese costume drama with plenty of over-the-top tongue in cheek action and music. Jackie Chan,Sammo Kam-Bo Hung,B...

2015-08-14 03:57 14 Dailymotion

Jackie Chan Drunken Boxing

Drunken Master II (Chinese: 醉拳二; Cantonese Yale: Jui Kuen II) is a 1994 Hong Kong kung fu action film directed by Lau Kar-Leung and Jackie Chan, who stars...

2016-06-29 02:05 32 Dailymotion

【師兄撞鬼Look Out, Officer!】Part 1/3粵語中字高清BD720完整版English Subtitle Stephen Chow Hong Kong Comedy Movie【周星馳/董驃/馮淬帆/方剛/陳德容】星爺喜劇

周星馳【師兄撞鬼粵語中字】【Look Out Officer Eng Sub Click "CC"】 Part 1: Part 2:星終於相信...

2017-12-07 31:21 8,268 Dailymotion

【倫文敘老點柳先開The Kung Fu Scholar】Part 3/3 流氓狀元粵語中字English Subtitle【郭富城/周慧敏/張衛健/吳孟達/劉家輝】香港經典古裝搞笑喜劇電影 Hong Kong Martial Arts Comedy Film

【倫文敘老點柳先開粵語中字The Kung Fu Scholar Eng Sub】 Part 1: Part 2:倫文敍和柳先開上課...

2017-11-24 30:56 1,036 Dailymotion