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Lau Family Hung Kuen

Hung Kuen - International Lam Family Championship 2015

Traditional Hung Gar in full power and full speed ! Please enjoy this compilation of some performances of the Hung Kuen Tournament that was held in Italy, 14 June 2015. A lot of Lam Family..

2015-12-05 5:33 2,469 YouTube

Secrets of Hung Kuen Kung Fu rare family book A very special memorial edition, beautifully bound, from the famous Lam family, masters of Hung Gar (Tiger Crane) Kung Fu. Visit.

2015-08-31 5:25 1,067 YouTube

Deng Family Hung Gar Stick Set

Demo of the "13 Spears" stick form performed by Chun Jan Yue in Canton.

2012-08-05 0:57 571 YouTube

劉家洪拳 Hands fo Lau ~ Charlene Houghton 何慈茵 Mark Houghton 何麥師傅

Mark Houghton 何麥師傅.

2015-05-01 3:26 2,278 YouTube

劉家良 (September 3, 1937 -- June 25, 2013) - Lau Kar Leung special 1991 ATV

cantonese documentary.

2013-06-26 21:59 217,011 YouTube

Peter Lau Gar kuen Hung gar form

Peter Lau Gar kuen Hung gar form...

2015-07-16 01:42 58 Dailymotion

Lam Family Hung gar - Sabre vs. Spear - Hung Kuen

Lam Family Hung gar - Sabre vs. Spear - Hung Kuen...

2015-06-09 00:35 9 Dailymotion

Lau Family Hung Gar kung Fu, London-工字伏虎拳

Lau Family Hung Gar kung Fu, London-工字伏虎拳...

2015-06-14 02:14 90 Dailymotion

Lau Gar Kuen

Lau Gar Kuen...

2015-05-20 01:17 20 Dailymotion

Le Hung Kuen Kung Fu

Le fondateur à l'origine du Hung Kuen n'est autre que Hong Hei Gung. Hung a reçu un enseignement du style du tigre par Gee Sim ( Un des 5 ancêtres du monast...

2007-06-28 00:31 4,736 Dailymotion