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Melanie's Gift To Michele

Melania Trump Gives Michelle Obama a Giant Tiffany Box / Melania gift Michelle Obama

The box, which is large, flat, and appears to be square-shaped, doesn't look like the dainty jewelry–sized boxes the brand is most often associated with, leaving many viewers to ask: What'

2017-01-20 2:35 404,048 YouTube

REVEALED: Melania Trump's gift to Michelle Obama

In this new footage we see what was inside the Tiffany's gift box that Melania Trump gave to Michelle Obama at Donald Trump's inauguration. We also find out what Barack Obama did with the gi

2017-01-23 0:43 685,023 YouTube

Melania's Gift to Michelle Obama

Speculation Grows Over Melania's Tiffany Box Gift to Michelle Obama | ABC News' Diane Macedo reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.

2017-01-21 3:9 185,855 YouTube

Melania Trump gives a gift to Michelle Obama as the Obamas welcome the Trumps to the White House

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome President-elect Trump and future First Lady Melania Trump to the White House. President Obama leaves a letter in the Oval Office and wal

2017-01-20 0:35 525,370 YouTube

Compare Melania Trump to Michelle Obama's White House Christmas decor

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama have distinctive styles. See how each decorated the White House for their inaugural holiday season as First Lady of the United States. For more on Melania...

2017-11-27 1:3 1,422,950 YouTube

melanie's big change in a freaky salon


2016-06-25 07:32 84 Dailymotion

Melanie's question to John Key & Helen Clark

Melanie's question to John Key & Helen ClarkNeed new shirts ?

2016-04-08 00:27 0 Dailymotion

Hollywood Joe at Melanie's bar St. Louis 8/22/92

Live outside onstage at MELANIE'S BAR AND GRILL backyard area in Downtown St. Louis , Missouri - - Saturday night AUGUST 22nd 1992 - - HOLLYWOOD JOE - vocal...

2013-10-05 22:46 37 Dailymotion

Melanie's Magic Mall Ad

It's cool at the mall....

2009-08-04 00:30 465 Dailymotion

Stop Bullying Campaign Ep. 4 Melanie’s Friends - Test your knowledge about bullying

Stop Bullying Campaign Ep. 4 Melanie’s Friends, Melanie finds it hard to be friends with someone who bullies others. - Melanie wants to fit in, so she stops h...

2017-04-06 02:10 3 Dailymotion